Syracuse Side Hustles

Syracuse Side Hustles is a multimedia podcast project that showcases those chasing second jobs in the Salt City.

This was my first role as a project manager, overseeing the entire production and all five teams, from initial pitches to the final website launch. I also pitched, recorded, scripted, and produced episode two, “What About the Other Children?”. Syracuse Side Hustles features twelve podcasts with photos, videos, and website bio information on every subject and offered an opportunity for me and my classmates to see how a media startup company operates by building one from the ground up. The Syracuse Side Hustles team has also won a few awards, including:

1st Place – Podcast, Syracuse Side Hustles
2020 Society of Professional Journalists National Mark of Excellence

Best Audio – Professional Division for Small News Organizations, Syracuse Side Hustles
2020 Excellence in Financial Journalism (EFJ) Awards

2nd Place – Multimedia Storytelling, Syracuse Side Hustles
2020 Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts

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