About me

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my work. I’m a recent graduate from Syracuse University with a degree in Magazine and a minor in English and Textual Studies. Initially an Arizona native born and raised, I decided to leave the warmth in search of multimedia opportunities in Boston postgrad.

My education and career have allowed me to travel across the world and gain new perspectives, from getting lost on buses in Slovakia for a travel article, to interviewing USA National Team athletes in northern California. I have worked with publications and organizations of all sizes across the U.S., including internships with Park City Magazine, USRowing, and the Syracuse Center of Excellence. While I’m a writer at heart, my opportunities have allowed me to grow skills in graphic design, web development, audio production and more. Outside of the office, you can find me spending all the time I can outside in the sun, or planning my next little escape when the colder months hit. If you want to learn more, drop me a line. I’m always looking for my next adventure.

Email me: rachel.day.1015@gmail.com

Call me: 602.903.0705